About The Blind Saw

Jul 09

As an individual who has gradually been losing his eyesight since birth, I have always had a desire to be a contributing member of society and to not be placated because of my blindness. In order to “learn how to be blind” and independent, I attended some training at the Assessment Training Center (ATC) which is sponsored by the Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired. Among the classes offered, one was especially important to me: woodworking. I have always had a creative side to me, and with my progressive blindness, I feared I would lose this part of my life. When I took a woodworking class through the ATC, I was taught to use the various tools while wearing sleep shades, allowing no eyesight use at all. While taking this class, I realized how much fun and how relaxing creating with wood can be . Not only can I, as a blind individual, continue to have fun doing something I love, but I can also share this passion with others.

My passion to create has led to this website. I cut and create all these products myself. I believe my woodwork is more than a hobby; it is proof that there is nothing a person cannot overcome if they put their mind to it and their passion into it. I hope you enjoy my woodwork as much as I enjoy making it. Let it be a symbol of all you can do.