I love using a wood cutting board to cut veggies and fruits and these are such beautifully designed boards. There is so much attention to detail and they are easy to clean, I love my cutting board!

Shandra Blacker



Mr. Aubrey,

I would like you to know how pleased I am with the Blind Saw cutting boards you made for me. As an avid cook at home and occasional guest chef, the only thing as important as a good knife is a good cutting board. Until I began using Blind Saw cutting boards I used several different types, bamboo, glass, plastic,etc. Now, the only boards I use are Blind Saw boards, I have three, not only are the boards functional and durable, each and every one is unique in design. On several occasions I have been complimented on how appealing to the eye your boards are, the different woods you use and the lamination work is amazing and easy to clean, a little soapy water, rinse, dry, done! I rub in a little oil when needed, as per the directions and store until the next time I need them.

Thank you for the quality craftsmanship, and I will continue to use Blind Saw boards in the future.

Best regards,
Billy Wade
Kinghorn, Pocatello Idaho



Thanks so much for the cutting board. We use it almost every day. Anyone who sees it comments on how beautiful the craftsmanship and the materials are and ask where I got such a unique piece. I have to say that it is so pretty at first I was gentle using it but we have found it to be surprisingly durable. thanks again.

-Pam Harris